our philosophy/about us

kukazi clefKuKaZi is a unique business development company that partners with iconic, as well as emerging entertainment entities to help revitalize, build brand extensions and find new purpose for their businesses, ultimately maximizing growth potential while fueling future success and sustainability.

Simply put, we create new businesses that generate unrecognized revenue streams, for all sorts of entertainment enterprises, (artists, athletes, studios, labels...) outside of their core competencies.

Whether an entertainment entity is looking for creative ways to repurpose its catalogue content or a legendary recording artist is looking to navigate their way around the ever-changing digital jungle, KuKaZi’s collective partnership has been envisioning and executing methods to do just that and more, for over 25 years.

Moving forward, the most successful businesses will not just simply "feed" hungry consumers products they don't need…on the contrary…the best of the best will cultivate a customer base, who happily patronize that business, not solely because of its products and services, but because of the ancillary benefits that company offers and a company whose products and services actually make that customer's life better than it would be without them. Brand loyalty becomes an entirely different animal..and subject.

We know that to many, this might all sound very pie in the sky and even perversely hopeful, but even the most stringent and fierce business person can see that the world's not what it once was, and the only way forward (in any meaningful and sustainable way) is to cultivate and grow a customer base that actually cares about not only your products, but the company itself…consumers will know without a doubt, through your actions, that you actually care about them.

Our client/partner base and extended network have the unique opportunity to be not only industry leaders,  but world leaders as well (in a business sense), by proving the new way of doing business not only makes sense…it drives more revenue. This is the KuKaZi way.