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In its overall mission to create the new blueprint for the music industry and its relationship with artists, KuKaZi recently launched its very own music sync and placement library, KuKaZi Music.

The model is simple; our synchronization deals are transparent, fair, non-exclusive, and geared towards independent music that is 100% cleared and ready.  

Music Licensing, Placement, Publishing

KuKaZi has unprecedented first-look deals and relationships with all the major networks and taste-makers in TV, film, and broadband –  including unique “first look” deals with NBC, Fox, and Fox Sports.  

Artist/Brand Development

Outside of music publishing, KuKaZi works with artists on a case-by-case basis across an array of services including: marketing, brand building, business development, and overall career and assets management.  Each artist is unique, and KuKaZi approaches each task and project with a fresh outlook.  No matter what stage of their career an artist is in, KuKaZi is equipped with the experience and sensibilities to help revitalize, build, and sustain their business.