who we are
Kuhlman Bruce Kuhlman
The sage of the crew, Kuhlman is a notable player within the music merchandising and licensing world and has been at the forefront of creating and executing major-league concepts for over 30+ years. This pundit has way too many accolades to mention here, but suffice to say has been the brand and licensing right hand for legendary artists for 20 years and currently holds that same position in rock royalty for Authentic Hendrix.

Ku is a grandfather of 3, a father of 3 and a mentor to his 2 knucklehead partners

Kalichman Kelly Kalichman
The trailblazer of the bunch, Kalichman is an acclaimed digital producer and strategic guru with dare we say, 20 years of adding to the top and bottom lines, for a myriad of iconic entertainment entities. From Vivendi to Virgin, Motown to AT&T and Columbia to Comcast, this new media messenger and branding magician has been there and literally done that…usually before anyone else did. The true renaissance errr, recon man of the group…we send him in first.

Ka is a father of two and spends quality time with his children perfecting real skills in Rock Band, Skyrim and Bio Shock Infinite.

Zildjian Michael Zildjian
Sexy name aside, this direct descendant of the 1st family of percussion instruments has made a name for himself as a well-respected industry exec. Started out in indie records and brand management, Zi spread his wings into concert promotion/production with Clapton, Foo Fighters and ZZ Top (to name a few of the smaller acts). More recently, he’s broadened his expertise to include music licensing and placement for which he has now once again, become a renowned mover and shaker.Zi is an avid golfer, on public tracks as well as P3 and Xbox platforms and is the sole bachelor left in the group. Ku and Ka remain his faithful wingmen